Art without artists — flotsam and discarded, paddles are repurposed as artwork at Cockle Creek.

LEFT by previous shack dwellers… washed in on the tide… what do you do with lots of old paddles?

Here’s one solution — you repurpose them as a curiousity, a display, an impromptu artwork-without-artist.

The paddles in the photo grace the wall of a timber cottage at Cockle Creek in far south-east Tasmania. Cockle Creek, though, isn’t really known for its display of repurposed paddles. It is better known as the start of the five-day coastal track through the wilderness to Malaleuca Inlet at Port Davey. There’s no port there though. Just safe anchorage for sailors in small ships on the Southern Ocean.

Cockle Creek has another claim to fame. It is as far south as you can drive in Tasmania and, by definition, Australia. The narrow, gravel road ends at Cockle Creek, at the ranger station just behind this display of repurposed paddles.

The repurposed paddles, perhaps, make up the southernmost art installation in Australia.


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