Weekly Photo Challenge: SOLITUDE.


YOU FIND IT in the city, you find it in the mountains, you find it on those long, empty beaches. You can find solitude anywhere.

Look around you next you’re in a cafe. Those people sitting by themselves at tables. Are they lonely or are they seeking that semi-social solitude that comes by being in proximity though not in conversation with others? And what about that solo week in the mountains I spent years back — that wasn’t seeking solitude though I saw no one after the first and before the last day. But, solitude was what I got out there below the peaks, on the wide, grassy plains and in those mountain huts at day’s end.

Solitude might frighten some but I find it delicious. Not delicious enough to seek it out, but delicious enough to enjoy when I encounter it. Then, there’s just me, the mountains, the empty beach and my camera.

The photo

I thought this photo I took in Tasmania symbolises solitude. The woman’s bearing suggests someone alone with their thoughts, someone mulling things over as she walked in her solitude along that long stretch of beach.

The photo was made in the late afternoon and the haze covering the sky made for a largely colourless, dull image. I processed it into hi-tone in the PhotoToaster app in iPad. I usually dislike heavily-processed images, preferring to make changes only to crop, sharpen and improve the colour of an image as I shoot in RAW format that requires those minor changes. For this image, though, the changes I made seem to have improved the otherwise flat image.

Olympus OM5D. 12-50mm lens. Auto ISO.


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