Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow.


IT WAS a hot summer afternoon and the sweat was beading as we made our way home. I looked down towards Coogee Beach in the distance and thought that I would rather be there than here. But that was not to be.

Turning the corner, the world was thrown into a monochrome silhouette as we faced directly into the late afternoon sun. Colour was sucked from the sky and land an shadows were suddenly long and pointing straight at us.

Shadows? Yes. Leading lines, I thought, leading lines that create a sense of perspective as they converge into the distance. Just the sort of things photographers would stop to make an image of.

But… no camera. This had been just a short trip to meet up with my partner and walk home with her, the sort of trip I had made many times before, during which I had photographed most of the interesting things. Nature, though, doesn’t deal in those “most of the interesting things” scanarios. For nature — the land, the sea, the sky, the weather — is an always-variable thing, just like it happened today as we turned that corner into that silhouetted world. But… no camera to record it.

But wait — what about the camera in my pocket? Of course, the cliched ‘camera you always have with you’. Maybe less cliche, more actuality.

Reaching into my pocket I extracted that camera I always have with me, called up the Microsoft Pix app and made a photo. The app I find is quite a good one for high-definition photos.

Before posting I cropped out the sun — it was in the photo and had splayed its rays across the upper part of the image, and cropped a stone fenceline on the left side of the image. That turned it into a portrait format rather than a landscape format image.

Sure, I know it is an opportunistic, little-thought-out image and my making it was more instinctual than considered. It was made as a colour image but the high-contrast lighting conditions rendered little colour at all. So, as it was more or less already a monochrome I processed it as a black and white.

iPhone 7 Plus. Microsoft Pix app. Processed in Snapseed as a monochrome.


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