The road taken


Weekly Photo Challenge: THE ROAD TAKEN. Something that surprised or delighted us on the road taken.

THE ROAD TAKEN took us south. South, down into the Huon Valley, through Franklin with its wooden boats resting quietly in the wide river, past Port Huon and into Derby. Derby, the last town of any size. Then the turnoff. Two kilometres to Southport.

I’m not sure whether you would call Southport a town or a large village. Shack settlement comes to mind for there are many of those, weekenders built by people, or built by their parents, perhaps, who like the sea and like fishing, for Southport fronts a big bay. That’s what the place was. Just a collection of small fibro or wood shacks roofed with galvanised iron now faded by decades of exposure to the sun. Now, some of those shacks have expanded into homes as their owners retired, turning them from simple weekenders into houses more comfortable and larger. Amid these, newer houses appeared, giving Southport the feel of something more permanent than a street of shacks clinging to the narrow sandy beack like an oyster to a rock. Yet, it retains that air of temporariness here on the margin where land meets sea.

We parked the van in the only camping area in town, up the road by the hotel/general store. The day had been one of clear blue skies, so as late afternoon started edging towards the start of evening I didn’t expect any spectacular colouration from the golden hour, that hour or so before sunset that brings photographers out in search of the colourful and spectacular.

The sun was a golden orb in a pale blue sky as we walked out onto the wharf. The prospect was for a nice but ordinary sundown. And this is what we witnessed as we stood there watching it sink towards Tasmania’s distant southern mountains.

Then, as the sun sank behind a narrow band of cloud on the horizen, the ordinary became the spectacular as bright yellow rays burst forth in the daylight’s final moments. It was time to start shooting here at the end of the road taken

Kit: Olympus OM5D. 12-50mm lens. Auto ISO.


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