GREEN… and maybe a little yellow too…


GREEN is this theme of this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge but there’s a little yellow in the image too.  That’s because here in the southern hemisphere we are in the final days of the first month of autumn.

We don’t have many native trees that are deciduous in Australia. That’s a European tree in the photo, a liquid amber. I’ve watched as every year it loses its green first to yellow then to russet. After that the foliage falls to reveal a lattice of bare branches as we go through winter.

I made the image with a Sony a6300 fitted with a Sony 55-210 lens, The image was made in RAW format and processed in Snapseed app on an iPad. Slight adjustments were made first to ambiance, then to contrast to lift the foliage out of the background, a very slight touch to the saturation filter to contrast the yellow against the green foliage, a touch of the structure filter then a little sharpening.

Photographers, especially RAW shooters know that RAW images are not processed in the camera as are .jpg format. What you get with RAW is the image straight off the camera sensor. It can appear a little flat, so requires processing as I described above.

Green and yellow are harmonious colours because they are adjacent colours. If we imagine colours arranged as a circle, then green and yellow appear next to each other.

Soon I’ll watch, and probably photograph, as the rest of the foliage turns from green to yellow to russet, and then carpets the ground in a covering of dry, brown leaves.



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