Heritage: a living tradition

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Heritage.


I chose an everyday living tradition to illustrate this week’s theme of heritage. It is a living tradition that has continued unbroken through the generations ever since passenger trains came into existence. The heritage is that of waiting for the train.

The photo shows Sydney’s Central Station, the interstate trains platforms. I made it with an iPhone 7 Plus using the Adobe Lightroom app’s camera and converted the dng (RAW) image into a black and white jpg in Snapseed app for iPad.

The image is formal and symmetrical in the sense that I placed the platform so that it receded into the distance along the centre plane of the frame. The planforms to either side make use of linear perspective to add to the perception of depth. The foreground of the seated figures and their reflections on the floor provide a counter dynamic along the horizontal plane.

With its bright background and silhouetted figures in high contrast, I made the image with monochrome reproduction in mind. The two spherical lights hanging from the arched roof provided constrast, so I kept them in the frame although they and much of the roof could just as well have been cropped out and the image made more linear.

From the platforms people travel south to Melbourne and north to Brisbane, journeys of 1000km or more. Here people also wait for travellers arriving. Like all railway platforms, Central Station is a place of stillness and movement, of comings and goings.


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