Evanescent: a moment in time with meaning

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge — Evanescent…


Evanescent — that’s what moments of meaning are.

I had wanted to return to Marley Beach for years. It wasn’t a hard place to get to, just a few hours walk into the national park along the Coast Track. But for one reason or another I hadn’t made the effort. Then I did.

The reason Marley has meaning to me is obscure. Unclear. Ill-defined. I can’t explain it. Not logically, anyway. But it does… have meaning, that is. More as a destination, a return to a place I once liked.

Do I still like it now? Yes, despite the number of walkers going there on weekends. When I made that earlier visit the two of us had the entire beach to ourselves. Things change, wild places become popular, people go where there were few before.

The photo

I made the photo with a Sony a6300 camera fitted with an 18-105mm lens and ISO set to auto. The day was bright and I knew the ISO set to auto would produce a low setting. I might just as well set it at 100.

I made the image by setting a slow shutter speed and panning the camera as I pressed the shutter. This is one of several images I made. I like the high-tone colour and lighting.

The a6300 is a small, lightweight camera with an APSc size sensor recording at 24 megapixels. By adding that lens I add bulk and weight, though it is still far lighter and smaller than the Canon SLR and lens I once hauled in my pack. I also took a telephoto lens with me to Marley Beach but didn’t use it. Rather than a standard zoom of, say, 16-50mm focal length (measured for APS size sensors) plus a longer telephoto zoom, I realise that for most purposes outside of wildlife photography, the 18-105mm lens is more or less a do-all focal length. On future treks it is probably all I will take.



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