Textures: the smooth surface of nature

Bark on angophora, Randwick Sustainability Hub, October 2012-3

TEXTURE — below the rough lies the smooth, but to reveal it the tree must first shed its rusty-coloured outer bark.

This is the bark of the Angophora, an Australian tree of the Myrtaceae family found in Sydney bushland where it extracts moisture and minerals from dry sandstone soils. And, like so many Australian trees, the Angophora evolved to regrow after the periodical bushfires that sweep through forest and woodland. After all but the most intense burn the Angophora resprouts from buds hidden away below that outer layer of bark.

Also known by the common name of smooth-bark apple — although the tree has no relationship with the apple at all —  the Angophora is renowned fro dropping branches. Best not to camp under one.



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