Wanderlust — following the urge to be somewhere else

A bad case of wanderlust takes us to Marley Beach in Royal National Park… … More Wanderlust — following the urge to be somewhere else



GREEN… and maybe a little yellow too… GREEN is this theme of this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge but there’s a little yellow in the image too.  That’s because here in the southern hemisphere we are in the final days of the first month of autumn. We don’t have many native trees that are deciduous in … More Green


REPURPOSE —that’s what residents of Southport, a small town/large shack settlement (your choice) on Tasmania’s far south east coast have done with books they have read. Like other community libraries in Australia, the Southport installation, located at the bus stop, is self-managing. Readers borrow then return the books. They also add books they have read … More Repurpose


LEFT by previous shack dwellers… washed in on the tide… what do you do with lots of old paddles? Here’s one solution — you repurpose them as a curiousity, a display, an impromptu artwork-without-artist. The paddles in the photo grace the wall of a timber cottage at Cockle Creek in far south-east Tasmania. Cockle Creek, … More Repurpose

Slouching, watching

Caught in a moment of reflection, a woman slouches in against the door, watching the landscape outside. The woman is local government sustainability educator, Fiona Campbell, seen here in the classroom-on-the-commons at Randwick Community Centre. The classroom was designed by architect, Terry Bail, from Archology, and features many reused building materials in its construction. High … More Slouching, watching